Rescued Building and Interesting Shopping in Monticello

An old service station building sits on a prominent corner on Monticello’s main thoroughfare.
It was  empty, unused and nothing but an eyesore for years.
It sits across a side street from the town post office and diagonally across from
our beautiful 1831-33 historic Wirick-Simmons House.

Rescued building in Monticello

Travelers who passed through town going north or south couldn’t help but see this derelict building and everyone who spent even a short time shopping in the interesting shops in town couldn’t miss seeing it. A couple of earlier businesses tried to develop a following in the building, but the footprint of the structure was not suitable and they were not successful. Later, Monticello’s own “Wag the Dog” thrift shop used this building to become so large and successful they were required to move to a larger store, leaving the building vacant again.

The old service station is not large enough for most retail operations, but Bachman, a ceramic artist and his talented wife, envisioned the old building as an ideal studio and retail outlet with room for his art classes. Using the unique structure of the front roof that juts out to cover pumping gas in a car, (remember when that really happened?) as a “front porch” Mr. Bachman (I think his wife Corin helped with this) created a welcoming storefront with exceptional “curb appeal” that even has its own parking spot.

I Found It campaign logo – on or T shirts, and decals for merchants to place on bags and packages

The store seems to be attracting customers and bringing this old building to life again.

Bachman working on vase

Customers are attracted to the clean, bright storefront













This “front porch” area and the platform that once held gas pumps is now an inviting display area for his wonderful ceramics and interesting antiques and collectables. Mr. Bachman changes the “out front display” frequently to attract the attention of customers.

Beginning with a building with a difficult footprint, small square footage, compounded by years of neglect, this rehabilitation and re-purposing is surprisingly successful. Using mainly paint and ingenuity this artist/merchant created an attractive and useful contribution to Monticello’s retail area.



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