Southern Music Rising

Southern Music Rising Festival April 9, 2016

By Anne Haw HoltSouthern Music Rising

Saturday April 9th was be the ninth celebration of Monticello’s Southern Music Rising Festival. This celebration of Southern Music was presented by The Foundation for the Preservation of Historic American Music. Some say this Festival is Florida’s best kept secret. The Foundation supports and offers performances in every musical genre from Funk to Country-Western, Blues, Pop, Ragtime, Jazz, Bluegrass, Classical and everything in between. Every Festival offers a variety so you will be able to find music you love.
This year the music began at eleven in the morning, right after the Great Monticello Bike Fest. The offerings included performances by newcomers such as Chris Henry and the Hardcore Grass. These musicians were followed by old favorites such as Slim Fatz, Brian Smally and Sam Pacetti. Headlining the evening show was Atlanta’s Bill Sheffield, followed by Tallahassee’s The NMonticello Opera Houseew 76ers.
Capping off this amazing collection of performers was a gala evening of dancing to the tunes of the Allie Cats in the elegant garden of Monticello’s beautiful old Opera House. The garden is located just across the circle from the Jefferson County Courthouse.
So even if you come early there’s something to do in Monticello all day long on this special day. Bring your dancing shoes, your favorite partner and join the fun. Restaurants and stores will be open to welcome you. Monticello Bed & Breakfasts are elegant and reasonable. For more information contact Cliff Miller at 850-464-2819 or email –


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