Monticello Bike Fest


Anne Haw Holt


Fun for the whole family in Monticello on April 9, 2016. Ride along Jefferson County’s Heritage Roads in a 10, 30, 60 or 100 mile race. If you don’t race simply enjoy riding at your own pace amidst the elegance of our canopy roads as you wind along an historical trail that begins and ends in Monticello. We’re offering an entire day of enjoyment for all.


Join the race by calling Katrina (listen, you can hear her beautiful, welcoming smile) at 850-997-5552. As usual, one of our sponsors for this wonderful event is our hometown community bank; Farmers and Merchants. We are also fortunate to work with Higher Ground Bicycle Co.

Crepe Myrtles in Blossom

Crepe Myrtles in Blossom

This is one in a series of bike races held on the Heritage and other interesting roads and trails that wind through the natural beauty of rural Jefferson County and our five small country towns beginning with Monticello, moving east to Aucilla, south to Lamont, Waukeenah and Wacissa, three historic towns nestled in farms and woods, then west to the old Railroad town of Lloyd. Our first Bike Fest enjoyed a large contingent of riders and many spectators. This time we have other events planned that offer fun for the entire day–APRIL 9th –Don’t miss it. See you there-(I’ll be one of the people hiding behind a camera.)






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