A New Kind of County Fair

A New kind of County Fair

by Anne Haw Holt

The Jefferson County Fair and BBQ Cook-Off is coming to Lloyd, Florida on November 7. It’s a new and different fair from the County Fairs I attended in Louisa County, Virginia many years ago, but if we all go and have lots of fun I’ll bet this one will grow into a bigger, more familiar event.
The BBQ contest with $2000 in prizes (sponsored by our own FMB) sounds right. There’ll be judging of the many different kinds of BBQ. That should be fun for the adults. We all have a favorite sort of BBQ now, but we might learn to like a new one.

Old Railroad Station in Lloyd, FL. Beautifully re-purposed as Lloyd post office.

Old Railroad Station in Lloyd, FL. Beautifully re-purposed as Lloyd post office.

I certainly remember pie and cake contests and lots of vendors – some were a little strange—that was one of the best things. Children will enjoy bouncy houses and we all love hay rides. Teens will win the Corn Hole tournament and chase the greased pig to win prizes.

I’ll miss some of the rides in the old midway. Remember the Carousel and the Whip? Who could forget the Ferris Wheel? Can we have one next year? Louisa’s fair always had a Demolition Derby on Friday night—it was fun and scary, but everyone sat on hard wooden benches and loved every minute of it.

Mama entered the quilting contest and usually brought home a ribbon. Daddy took me with him to see the 4-H boys and girls showing great Hereford and Angus bulls they raised to be cuddly pets. I especially loved the tractors and other big machines. Daddy always got me a hot dog and some cotton candy and ordered me not to get sick – ‘cause Mama would fuss.


LaFitte Store in Lloyd, Fl. Saved by Lloyd History Assoc. so we can know how we lived in a quieter, more peaceful time. 

I remember that County Fair in this poem—see you in Lloyd on November 7.

County Fair
We walked in the evening to our old town,
out of the quiet shimmering haze.
We threaded our way there, round and round,
through the moving, seething maze.
Voices clashed and hummed and screamed.
Red and yellow flashings beamed.
Hurdy-Gurdy carousel,
sickening, pickish, sweetening smell.
Hurry the path in darkness found,
home from the fair in Mineral town.




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